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10 “Best” AI Marketing Tools (November 2023)

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Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are revolutionizing nearly every sector, including marketing. Many companies of all sizes are relying on AI marketing tools to promote their brands and businesses. They should be part of any business plan, whether you're an individual or organization, and they have the potential to take your marketing strategy to the next level. 

AI marketing tools are software or platforms that help create automated decisions based on data that is collected and analyzed, and they have made it far easier to predict buyer behavior. Most of the time, human intervention is not required. 

AI can process massive amounts of information pulled from various sources, such as social media and email. Everyone knows data is key to marketing, and AI takes that one step further while also saving a ton of money and time. Organizations no longer need to rely on a staff for these tasks, which allows them to be used in other crucial areas of the business.

Another major benefit of AI marketing tools is that they allow businesses to personalize their sales and marketing strategies. This can be done through predictive analytics, which provides deep insights into buying habits. You know how companies like Google and Netflix are all about recommendations? This is the work of AI marketing tools. 

There are many impressive options on the market, so let’s take a look at the 10 best AI marketing tools: 

1. Jasper

Many recognize Jasper as the best overall AI writing assistant, leading the market with its impressive features and quality. You first provide it with seed words, which Jasper then analyzes before creating phrases, paragraphs, or documents based on the subject matter and tone of voice. It is capable of producing a 1,500-word article in less than 15 minutes.

The platform has more than 50 AI content generation templates, including blog posts, emails, marketing copy, Facebook ad generator, Google ad generator, meta title and description, press release, and much more.

Here is a look at some of the best features of Jasper:

  • More than 11,000 free fonts and 2,500 categories of writing styles
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Intuitive interface
  • Long-form writing assistant (1,000+ words)
  • Identify key elements in text (pronouns, verbs, names, etc.)

Read our Jasper Review or visit Jasper.

2. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is great option for those looking for an all-around effective AI marketing tool, especially since it deploys AI technology throughout all of its services. It was designed specifically for businesses looking to optimize long-form content, such as landing pages, emails, articles, or sales copies. 

The tool works by carrying out deep AI research about a topic before creating a first draft based on the chosen subject, which can then be improved upon by users. MarketMuse also offers KPIs and a content brief, as well as a built-in editor. 

Here are some of the main features of MarketMuse: 

  • AI in all of its services
  • Conducts deep AI research
  • Creates a first draft that can then be altered
  • Build-in editor and content brief
What is MarketMuse?

3. Ad Copy

Ad Copy was designed with marketers in mind who are looking at increasing conversion rates for their marketing copy, and in many cases can create ads that convert in less than 60 seconds. The platform enables users to generate countless variations of effective ad copy.

Some of the features include:

  • An AI modeled for direct response marketing and driving conversions
  • High speed autofill to generate and paste your copy into your Ads Manager
  • Step by step prompt builder to create the most accurate output for your campaigns
  • Tinker with ad creativity, copy structure, tonality and more to craft the perfect ads

4. Anyword

Anyword is a data-driven copywriting tool that is designed for marketers.  It enables the generation of effective copy for ads, emails, landing pages, and content for different platforms.

When it comes to creating adverts it is easy to do so for Facebook ads, Google Adwords, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads.

Of course for longer form content they also make it easy to generate blog posts, product descriptions, YouTube descriptions, and much more.

The differentiator is that Anyword empowers creative marketers to add data to their toolbox by providing predictive metrics and insights into which part of the message works and for whom.

5. Scalenut

Scalenut is essentially an all in one marketing tool and is designed to scale. It enables you to quickly and get the entire keyword plan for your niche and to generate a content management strategy to dominate these terms. The software is divided into 4 sections:

Research – Uncover insights and build a strategy that works by getting all the insights and semantic key terms you need to outpace your competition.

Create – Write SEO content that ranks by using the most advanced versions of NLP and NLU (Natural Language Processing & Natural Language Understanding). It offers real-time optimization based on SERP statistics, and offers content that can deliver.

Optimize – Get real-time feedback on where your content stands with a dynamic SEO score. Improve on the go, no more revisions!

Marketing Copy – Write persuasive copy that brings conversions with 40+ AI copywriting templates. This includes the following:

    • Product descriptions
    • Website copy
    • Copywriting Frameworks
    • Email Copyrighting

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Read our Scalenut Review or visit Scalenut.

6. Semrush

Semrush is an entire suite that enables you to perform content marketing campaigns, SEO, social media marketing, analytics, PPC, and much more. Its standout feature is its position tracker, which provides businesses with a way to track how they rank against other sites when it comes to keyword usage. 

The AI marketing tool also offers a Content Marketing Toolkit that enables you to perform topic searches, which provides insight into what is trending. You can then create content marketing plans based on this information. 

Here are some of the top features of Semrush: 

  • Position tracking that shows you ranking for targeted keywords
  • On-page SEO
  • 7 tools aimed at competitor analysis
  • Social media management and content marketing

7. Pro Rank Tracker

One of the most difficult aspects of SEO is knowing in real-time where you currently rank. Searching in Google manually is not time efficient, and it leaves the risk of personalized and localized results giving you a false impression.

This is the best tool on the market to quickly identify your current rankings with its powerful tools.

Rank tracking – Get reliable rank tracking from anywhere with any device.

Rankings Analysis – Online views, data visualizations and charts that enables fast analysis of ranking progress and make informed decisions based on insights.

Reporting – If you want to send your reports to potential investors, clients, or internal team members they offer the ability to automatically generate and send customized, white-label reports.

8. INK

INK combines AI co-writing and an SEO assistant to help you develop content. The SEO Assistant aspect of the tool enables you to create content that will rank high on search engines and drive organic traffic. It achieves this through a patented AI system that analyzes content in real-time while providing suggestions to improve SEO scores. 

The other main feature, AI Co-Writing, helps generate high-performing copy. The AI assists users in writing, rewriting, and simplifying sentences. 

Here is a look at some of the main features of INK Editor:

  • Meta optimization
  • Image optimization through compression and resizing
  • Spelling and grammar correction
  • AI-Writing, AI-Simplifying, and AI-Expanding functionalities
  • Integrates into WordPress

9. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is an AI marketing tool that relies on behavior profiling to attract the attention of customers. It is specifically aimed at emails, which often prove tricky for individuals and businesses alike. To have a solid email marketing strategy, you must choose the best times and days to achieve high open rates, but it’s impossible to find the best time for each customer. 

To get around this, Seventh Sense analyzes the perfect time and day for email campaigns, and it does so for each contact. The AI platform achieves this by constructing a predictive model for each contact based on their activity. 

Here are some of the top features of Seventh Sense:

  • Personalized service
  • Determines best time to send emails for each contact
  • Constructs individual predictive models
  • Behavior profiling
Seventh Sense - Email Delivery Optimization

10. Personalize

Personalize is a great AI tool if you’re looking to find out which products and services your contacts are most interested in. It relies on an algorithm to identify the top three interests of each contact, and it updates these in real-time based on site activity. 

Personalize has been shown to increase email click rates by 57%, and it results in a 13% higher average open rate. A lot of this has to do with its effective personalized campaigns, which promotes the right product and service at the right time. 

Here are some of the top features of Personalize: 

  • Uses algorithm to identity interest of each contact
  • Updated in real-time
  • Tracks metrics like time on page, frequency, and recency
  • Easy set up and operation

Alex McFarland is a Brazil-based writer who covers the latest developments in artificial intelligence. He has worked with top AI companies and publications across the globe.