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Updated on is a completely decentralized organization with a team that currently offers news, interviews, and access to the best AI tools – But this is only the beginning of a multilayered masterplan.

Our goals are to inform the wider public about progress on AI, to unify the AI community, to push forward the democratization of AI, to follow Our Charter on responsible AI, and to assist in the development of beneficial AGI (artificial general intelligence).

Our AI Tools – This is our first AI tool, it offers the latest in generative AI by taking advantage of stable diffusion open-source code.  Unlike competing websites that offer stable diffusion solutions – the website is free. We will reiteratively and continuously improve our algorithm as our team expands and continue to add resources, and optimize the machine learning algorithms that are layered on top of this software.

The tool is intentionally designed to be simple, no confusing commands – Simply enter a search term and a spectacular piece of art will be generated.

For users who are interested we've also added meme functionality to the image generator. Coming soon will be the option for a personalized gallery than can be shared with friends and family.

Of course this will only be the first of many AI tools that we plan to offer. The name was chosen to unite the AI community, and to unite all of the best open-source tools under one digital roof.

Future projects that will be released include: – A chatbot platform that uses open-source software and connects to the latest version of GPT 3.5 and beyond. By using open-source code alongside OpenAI APIs, we will create the first personalized AI assistant, that is customizable, personalized and remembers.

Remembers your name, the stories you share, your health issues, your hopes, your dreams, and more. Do you want an authoritative or a friendly and personable AI? You can choose.

This will be your own unique AI, and by using this tool a symbiotic relationship will form, and you will become a better version of yourself. – This will be a platform for companies who are searching for AI solutions. Want to build an application to sort through your company's data? Need to use pattern recognition to identify how to optimize business applications? Don't know where to start? will be the solution.

We craft AI solutions that can scale – All under one community.


We currently receive 200+ visitors a day who are searching for AI conferences, while we offer a free list of the top conferences in the world, we are also researching options for launching our own network of Conferences. The goal would be a network of conferences in the following cities:

  • London
  • New York
  • Toronto
  • San Francisco
  • Austin
  • Las Vegas

If you have experience in the conference circuit please contact us

A founding partner of unite.AI & a member of the Forbes Technology Council, Antoine is a futurist who is passionate about the future of AI & robotics.

He is also the Founder of an investing website, the generative AI platform, & is he is currently working on launching a platform that will offer users the ability to configure and deploy autonomous agents by breaking prompts into sub-tasks.